Carticel Care Support

You’re there for your patient. We’re here for the both of you.

Once you and your patient choose the Carticel procedure, Carticel Care® handles all of the logistical details, including reimbursement, case management, and scheduling.

A dedicated Carticel Care Coordinator works with you and your patient to:

  • Provide information on reimbursement procedures and documentation requirements
  • Supply insurance carriers with appropriate clinical information
  • Coordinate scheduling of implantation
  • Ensure delivery of Carticel cells on implantation day

Carticel Care for your patient

For more information, please refer to the Carticel Care Guide.

To contact a Carticel Care Coordinator, please call 800-453-6948, Option #2.


Carticel is covered by most health care plans. The majority of plans routinely reimburse fully for this treatment option using the unique CPT code for autologous chondrocyte implantation: 27412.

In addition to the Carticel Care team, your Cell Therapy Specialist is an expert on this matter and is a very valuable resource to you and your staff to ensure efficient insurance processing.