Carticel Stories

Often, patients with prior knee pain tell us what a difference Carticel has made in their lives. See what these patients have to say about their knee cartilage repair experience.


Kevin Harbison was living his lifelong dream, playing football for the Naval Academy and training to become a military officer. Then, in one short moment, his life changed. “I was jogging down the field and my knee happened to buckle,” he explains. “I knew something was wrong.” See Kevin in action


Paulina loves to dance. She smiles, “It’s the way I socialize with my friends. It’s the way I release stress. It’s the way I get energy. It’s the way I enjoy life.” So when a piece of cartilage broke loose in her knee, forcing her off the dance floor, Paulina knew she had to do something. “I stopped exercising altogether,” Paulina remembers. “The one thing I would just push through was the dancing—until I couldn't even do that.” See Paulina in action


When knee pain began to compromise his daily activities, Brian, a talented lawyer and sports enthusiast, opted for Carticel to help him get back to his active lifestyle. Read Brian's full interview

Sue Bloom, Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist, Sue Bloom has helped a diverse group of Carticel patients return to their active lifestyles. Sue has spent her entire career working in physical therapy. Recently, we asked her for her thoughts on what Carticel patients should expect from this big step in their recovery. Read Sue's full interview

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