Steps to manufacturing Carticel

The steps to manufacturing Carticel may lead to great strides for you.

  1. First, your surgeon takes a small biopsy of you articular cartilage and sends it to Vericel’s FDA-licensed and regulated manufacturing facility.
  2. The biopsy is processed to isolate your cartilage cells (chondrocytes).
  3. Each patient’s biopsy/chondrocytes are maintained under strict quality control procedures.
  4. After an initial cell replication phase, your chondrocytes are placed into cryopreservation awaiting your scheduled Carticel implantation date. This offers flexibility for you and your surgeon to schedule implantation when the time is right for you; and as early as 4-6 weeks after your biopsy.
  5. Once your Carticel implantation surgery date is confirmed, your cells are taken out of cryopreservation to undergo the final cell replication phase, where they are multiplied into the millions.
  6. Two to three days before surgery, Carticel is released and shipped to your surgeon for implantation.