As a matter of fact, these are the facts about Carticel.

If you’ve suffered articular cartilage damage and are considering treatment to repair the injury, you may want to know:

  • Carticel is the only FDA-approved biologic treatment for cartilage repair, and it uses your own cultured cells to restore the damaged articular cartilage in your knee.
  • By repairing your cartilage injury, Carticel may help relieve your knee pain and improve your ability to perform daily and recreational activities.
  • Carticel has been proven effective in many patients for whom other surgical repair procedures have proven unsatisfactory.
  • When Carticel is surgically implanted into a cartilage injury, it can form new hyaline-like cartilage, with biological properties similar to that of the original cartilage.
  • With the Carticel procedure, you do not penetrate the subchondral bone.
  • Carticel poses little risk of disease transmission to you since it comes from your own tissue.